Longest snake
Reticulated python, Python reticulatus
10 metre(s)
Reino Unido (,,;)

The reticulated python (Python reticulatus) of south-east Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines regularly exceeds 6.25 metres (20 feet 6 inches), and the record length is 10 metres (32 feet 9.5 inches) for a specimen shot in Celebes (now Sulawesi), Indonesia, in 1912.

Some have cast doubt over the 10-metre python from Celebes owing to a lack of supporting evidence to back up the original claim by museum collector Harry C Raven from the American Museum of Natural History, who toured the area between 1912 and 1923. In a historical review of large snake species – Giant Snakes: A Natural History (2019) – herpetology expert John C Murphy estimates that the maximum length of reticulated pythons is most likely in the range of 8–9 metres (26 feet 2 inches–29 feet 6 inches).