Oldest motor racing championships
Turismo Carretera
Argentina (All Argentina)
The oldest motor racing championships still active today is Turismo Carretera (Argentina), the annual championship was first competed for in Argentina, from 5 August 1937. The first champion was Eduardo Pedrazzini driving for Ford. Other champions have included 5 time Formula One winner, Juan Manuel Fangio and Ferrari's first formula one champion Jose Froilan Gonzalez. The original governing body of Turismo Carretera the ACA became the ACTC in 1979 in response to the growth and success of the championships. Despite this change there has been no major change in the running of Turismo Carretera which is why it is still classed as the same championships. The nearest competitor to this championship was Formula One. This has been judged to have started in 1950 as the Grand Prix series that preceded it was a totally different competition and the rules weren't even standardised until 1946.