First submarine car
Suiza (Geneva)
The Swiss company Rinspeed has created the world’s first, real, submersible car called the “sQuaba”. Displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 6-16 March 2008, the carsub is powered electrically by three rechargeable lithium-ion batteries: one for power on land and one for each of the twin propellers when on or in the water. In addition, two powerful Seabob jet drives in the front, assist manoeuvrability. The car design is based on the British Lotus Elise sports car and is open top for safety reasons, so that the occupants can easily get out in an emergency – hence they have to wear scuba gear to breathe. The car can drive straight into the sea and then float until a hatch is opened to allow water to flood the body and gradually sink the car. Underwater, it effectively flies at a depth of 10 metres.