Largest active volcano
Mauna Loa
The largest active volcano is Mauna Loa, Hawaii, which has the shape of a broad gentle dome 120 km 75 miles long and 50 km 31 miles wide (above sea level), with lava flows which occupy more than 5125 km² 1980 miles² of the island. It has a total volume of 42,500 km³ 10,200 miles³, of which 84.2 per cent is below sea level.
Its caldera or volcano crater, Mokuaweoweo, measures 10.5 km² 4 miles² and is 150–180 m 500–600 ft deep. Mauna Loa rises 4170 m 13,680 ft. Between 1831 and 1950 it averaged one eruption every 3.6 years since 1843, although its last major eruption was in 1984.