Largest LEGO® brick caravan
John Cochrane Advertising, Top Parks, Ben Craig, Caravanning Queensland
288,630 total number
Australia (Brisbane)

The largest LEGO® brick caravan consists of 288,630 individual bricks, achieved by Ben "The Brick Builder", sponsored by Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks from a concept by John Cochrane Advertising (all Australia) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 26 September 2018.

The concept to attempt this title came from John Cochrane Advertising who wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary Queensland Caravanning and Camping Show with "Something Big." Ben Craig was commissioned shortly after to start the design and building process, while Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks got involved to sponsor the project. The LEGO® brick caravan was modelled after a 1973 Viscount Royale and was fully furnished with stove-top, refrigerator, sink with running water, checkers board, drawers with silverware and even a tub of Vegemite made from LEGO® bricks. Ben once accidentally locked himself into his workshop and had to sleep overnight on the LEGO® brick bed.